Hello Mexico

There you are, right where I left you. 19°25′42″ N, 99°07′39″ W. It’s been far too long. Two thousand and thirty two days since we were last together. But whilst you’ve been out of sight, you’ve never been out of mind. It’s great to be back. If only for a couple of weeks. Hello again Mexico, old friend.

This is one of those posts that is written in advance and scheduled to publish at a later, more relevant date. I’m always a little uncertain whether this is such a wise thing to do before a flight. It would be most unfortunate for a post to pop up here just a couple of hours after my plane plopped down, not quite there. But we’re flying British Airways on a 777 and whilst they aren’t the greatest for service, BA haven’t had a fatal crash in over 30 years. So I’m confident. Sort of. And while you’re reading this, I’m hopefully acclimatising to the heat of the Yucatan.

The highlight of the trip for me will not be found on the fish tail shaped peninsula that sticks out into the Caribbean sea though. I’m far more looking forward to our stay in Mexico City. To revisiting old haunts and seeing old friends. How to fit six years worth of that into a four day trip? Impossible, of course. But I’ll try. And there’ll be photos of the trip. Won’t it be nice for this blog to finally have some content that is ‘on topic’ again?


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