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Let’s play a game. It’s a word game. Specifically, it’s a ‘guess the word’ game. Yes, you do get a clue. The clue is this brief story. There was an ‘incident’, which I mentioned in a previous post. Then a last minute three hour dash to the airport. Followed by a 10 hour flight across the Atlantic ocean. A four hour bus ride from Cancun to Merida followed, before a much needed sleep having been awake for over 24 hours.

The sleep lasted nowhere near long enough. Just four hours, but it was morning according to Mexico. My body clock disagreed, but there was a baptism to go to. I opened my bag to get all the things I needed for the day. Shower gel – check. Clothes – check. Camera – check. Memory card and battery charger for the camera….nope. I can picture them in the drawer at home, several thousand miles away. They are still there.

The battery is only half charged. I stare at the next to useless camera for a moment. Then I say the word. So there’s your clue. Now you can have fun guessing the word. If you keep your guesses clean, you’re on completely the wrong track.

Still, all was not completely lost. I had a rechargeable camera with me. My iPhone 6s. I’ve always enjoyed using it. The photo editing apps I have installed are fun to use and can produce some nice results. The quality of iPhone photography is, at least in decent light, surprisingly good. Fortunately, there’s a lot of very decent light to be had in Mexico. Best of all, an iPhone is just so easy and convenient to carry around.

I downloaded a new app while I was there. Called VSCO, I’ve seen the results on the Facebook feeds of a few friends. I liked it so much I even coughed up a few British pounds of ever decreasing value for a bigger pack of filters. Want to see the results? Click here for a brief tour of Campeche courtesy of my iPhone and VSCO. Campeche is a town of glorious colour, fascinating museums, a rich history of trading and piracy, great dining and should definitely be high on your ‘to do’ list if ever you are in the area.


  • While Barco was alive, I relied on the camera in my Samsung Edge. I am now trying to accustom myself to toting around my Sony. So far, I have not been very consistent. Instead of walking a dog, I have been walking for exercise. Neither activity is well-suited for an SLR. At least, by me.

    As for the word, I will pass. By the way, The Queen on her postcard still glares down on my republican countenance.

    • Camera phones produce some pretty decent photos these days. And excellent videos. There’s no shame in toting one of the latest smartphones as your photo shooter.

      But perhaps what you need is the right sort of camera case and strap for your Sony…

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