Independence Day

It used to amuse me when Mexicans asked when we have Independence Day in the UK. Because we didn’t have one. Now that I’m living in the UK, I’m no longer asked the question. Which is a good thing, because the question would sadden me. Apparently, it’s June 23rd. Though this is a contentious issue and one that is yet to be determined.

When living in Mexico, Mrs P and I did one of two things on Mexico’s Independence Day. We would either go to the Zocalo for the evening and watch the pendejo presidente wave the flag and ring the bell, or we would go to Huichapan in Hidalgo for a day or two and join in the celebrations there.

What to do this year? We were in Mexico, and had to make the decision. We went with Huichapan. It’s just a three hour drive from the city in a nice part of the country and they always put on a good show. And what the heck, Huichapan is in the state of Hidalgo, the father of the independence movement.


  • Nice video. I must say that fireworks in Mexico make me a bit nervous… rather close to the public. I can imagine that a fire marshal from the U.S. would have a fit.
    Several years ago I visited Huichapan (not for Independence Day) and the nearby aqueduct. Very pleasant town.

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