Train to Nowhere

It’s that time of the year again. Tis the season to be…stuck. The last of autumns leaves on the lines. Frozen rails. Failed signalling. Broken rails. Delayed trains. The unavoidable consequence of the never ending battle between man and nature.


    • Yes, Southern Railways. No there’s a sticky situation with no solvent in sight. It’s more Man v Government than v Management, which just makes it all the worse. Those trains are going nowhere for some time to come, methinks.

      It’s not my network. But I still have to explain to people intending to make the Southampton connection to Brighton, Worthing et al that they shan’t be going today.

      My network has a fire on trackside today. This seems to happen a few times a year and always means a whole load of disruption.

    • For some reason, your comment went to spam. Perhaps the switch back to vanilla WordPress comments befuddled the system.

      Putting your money on nature is usually the safest best. Ultimately there will be a time when its triumph is complete and there will be nowhere to collect your winnings from.

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