Day of Shame

Today a conman takes over the presidency of the USA. A probable rapist, a sexual offender, a corrupt businessman. A man with contempt for everyone, yet with skin so thin, flaying would not be much of a punishment for his sins.

It’s tough from the outside to see what what would persuade a country to install this guy as leader. I’ve looked for redeeming features but failed to find any. Once you’ve eliminated all the possible reasons, what’s left must be the answer. The US, or at least a sufficient number of the electorate, is a nation of gross stupidity and prejudice.

It doesn’t take a long conversation to identify one or both of those qualities in anybody who actively supported Trump. You’d like to think that some would have seen the light since election day. Has he pivoted to be more ‘presidential’. No. Has he drained the swamp? Well gee, he’s jumped in that swamp and is rolling around in it with the glee of a pig just released from a sty.

Yet I suspect their brand of Kool Aid will be strong enough to see them through for a bit longer. But the day will almost certainly come when they will have to find excuses for their actions in the voting booth. But there will be no excuse. The issues were all in plain sight from the beginning.

Bush Jr left the USA viewed with intense suspicion around the world. He left the country viewed as a morally corrupt nation built on greed, exploitation and violence. For all of Obama’s failings, and there are many, he regained the respect of much the world. Because he is a decent human being who embodied dignity

The election of Trump doesn’t simply strip that hard earned respect away. He brings a new level of ridicule to the country. It will take generations to repair the damage he has caused. And at the time of writing, he hasn’t even taken the oath of office yet.

Respect is important. The world is a big place and the United States place in it isn’t what it was. This is one of the most shameful days in the history of the US. The world is watching. And it is watching the worst features of the United States, amplified a thousand times in the form of a man who represents everything reprehensible about the country. If ever there was an unacceptable face of capitalism, that face belongs to Donald Trump.


    • We have a similar system to the electoral college in the UK. It has its users, including the ability of producing a winner when the popular vote is so close it’s a virtual tie. But when the popular vote produces a very clear winner, as it did with Hillary Clinton, and the electoral college puts ther other guy in office… well something is wrong.

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