I, Citizen

People who think it’s a great idea to chat or text while driving should be forced to watch video footage from Accident and Emergency rooms as bloodied and dying victims from road accidents are brought in.

Parents who thinks that it’s a great idea not to vaccinate their children should perhaps be obliged to watch a video of a young child with a preventable illness breathing his or her last.

Kids who think it’s a great idea to start smoking should be sent to watch a video of a 20 a day smoker as the last stages of lung cancer take hold.

Youths who think it’s a great idea to carry knives should be sat down to watch videos of police officers as they knock on doors to inform next of kin of their loss.

Graduates who think it’d be a great idea to embark on a career in politics should be forced to sit and watch I, Daniel Blake. Perhaps as part of the ‘obligatory’ PPE degree.

There’s lots of definitions for fascism/far right/nationalist floating around at the moment. I just think, putting the issue in the simplest terms possible, a society has moved too far to the right, or the left fort that matter, when its citizens become identifiable by numbers rather than their names.

Best Picture of 2017 was neither La La Land, nor Moonlight. I’m still struggling to pick between I, Daniel Blake and Lion.


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