Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday is a fashionable thing these days. So let’s go back to early August 2010 at the Xochimilco flower market. The little fella in the photo was not one of my turtles. He was, however, auditioning for a position in my turtle pond, and did very well. I gave him a 10/10 and a first place rosette and was on the verge of awarding him the top prize – a home back at Chez Denness.

Unfortunately, my decision was overuled by the Chief Decision Maker at Chez Denness. Mrs P reminded me that I already had ten green shelled friends camped out in the yard. And with just six months to go before we were due to go off to live in the UK, we were actually in the process of finding homes for the ones we had as opposed to taking in further strays and waifs.

So the turtle with no name was left behind with nothing more than my best wishes. He would have needed them, given Mexicans habit of treating turtles as short lived disposible pets. The poor things rarely approach their natural life expectancy. Throwback Thursday is all about Throwaway Turtles today. But you’ll be glad to hear that my favourite turtle Bob, now 11 and a half years old, is still doing just fine.

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