About Me

That’s me, up there. At your service. With Mrs P, who is at nobody’s service. The photo is a few years old now, taken half way up the Nevado de Toluca in, I guess, 2009.. But I haven’t changed so much. I think. A few more wrinkles.

I first travelled to Mexico City in 2003, which is when I started writing this blog. I later lived in Mexico City from May 2005 to February 2011, teaching Business English, travelling from home to companies around the city to teach my students at their place of work. Best. Six. Years. Ever.

My passion is photography, and Mexico was a great place to be for taking snaps. Architecture, people, colours, food – there is so much to point a camera at. I have a Flickr Pro account with lots of Mexico inspired photos, which you can find on my Flickr account.

I returned to live in the UK in February 2011, seeking to settle down with my wife, get good jobs and live happy comfortable lives. That was the plan, and truth be told it hasn’t worked out too badly. These days I am a ticket office clerk for a railway company, which is much better that it might sound.

These days, when I am not working, I try to get out an about with my camera, taking photos of whatever is nearby, and trying to see as much as possible of the UK, Europe and the wider world. Life is an adventure, welcome to mine.