iPhone 7

Every year, I upgrade my iPhone to the latest model. Like clockwork. A digital, Apple inspired clock, of course. In fact, my calendar reads iPhoneber in between August and October. This years upgrade isn’t the most exciting...

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Photography with my iPhone is great. It’s quick and easy. It’s convenient. It’s fun. The new Prisma app makes it even more fun.  There’s a similar-ish app for video too, Artisto. Not that improvements...

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Adobe Lightroom Mobile

I’ve been using my iPhone to take photos a lot more than usual. It’s just more convenient to carry about. There are just some days when I can’t be bothered to haul about a camera bag. In good light, you can get...

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Just Like Ansel

Got mountains. Got camera. Got Adobe Lightroom to turn it all black and white. Well, aren’t I just the new Ansel Adams? Obviously I’m not, for a whole bunch of reasons that don’t really need to be explained...

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Project 365

Back in 2008 when I was still in Mexico City, I started – and completed – a 365 project. I took, processed and published a photo every day for a year. I hosted it on Blogger and purchased a domain name...

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Winter Blues

English weather is what it is. This morning was bright and pleasant. It’s now blowing a gale and chucking down rain. Later it might snow. Or be sunny. Who knows? Last week at Weymouth’s famed beach it looked like a...

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Colour Me Happy

Every now and then I come across/am given a handful of old photos. Because I am, rather sadly, quite old, some of those old photos are black and white. Which is cool. I suppose. But I prefer colour. Or at least, I like to make...

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Sometimes a photo just needs a little extra something. I have used Nik Efex for years. But not for a while. I’d forgotten how much extra they can give a photo.

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