Overnight in London

London is a huge metropolis, not the sort of city that can be seen in a day. Indeed, you could live there your entire life and not see the half of it. But in lieu of residency, I’d recommend a hotel stay. Perhaps Hotels In Acton like Holiday Inn London West would suit you, or maybe a Hyde Park Boutique Hotel Like The Westbourne London is more up your street. Alternatively, you could Book Hotels in Paddington London and see if you can track down the area’s most famous bear. Flying in or out of London? Check out Holiday Inn Luton South for  Luton airport accommodationContact SCL Wills And Probate, for experience probate lawyers in London, dealing with all aspects of Wills and Probate law.

The Beach Hut

The beach hut is a familiar sight along the sand and shingle beaches of seaside towns in the UK. The first beach huts were converted wheeled bathing machines, fisherman’s huts and sheds set up for the benefit of the working classes. Where might you find the first purpose built beach huts? Why, you’d find them here in Bournemouth. Continue reading “The Beach Hut”

The Pyjama Lady

It happens to most railway men and women eventually. Be they ticket office clerks, platform staff, revenue inspectors. If you work on the trains for any length of time, there is little you can do to avoid it. Your turn will come. The railways, by their very nature, attract people who want to get from A to B. It’s unfortunate, and very tragic, but for a few people the chosen destination does not require a ticket and is reached by Continue reading “The Pyjama Lady”

Mysterious P

Perhaps the anonymous moniker of Mrs P is getting old and in need of a revamp. I liked the turn of phrase that came in Dana’s comment, a post or two ago. Mysterious P is a much better name. Here’s a photo that’s a suitable attachment to the name. Will it stick? Probably not. Mrs P is much easier to write. Continue reading “Mysterious P”

#TBT The Mexican Mercado

Everytime a television program comes on about Mexico, Mrs P and I make a strict appointment to be seated in front of the screen at the annointed time. The latest show was a series by celebrity chef Rick Stein, The Road to Mexico. We enjoyed it greatly, particularly when the road crossed from the US into Mexico. If you can access the Beeb’s iPlayer from your part of the Continue reading “#TBT The Mexican Mercado”

Watch Me Go

Last year was a barren twelve months of gadgets, gizmos and other techno purchases for me. I’d already got a fairly new Mac. I’ve abandoned Apple TV. My iPad Mini 4 is still sufficing. And, just for once, I wasn’t persuaded by the new iPhone offerings. But there was one bit of tech that I lacked. One digital void in my life that needed to be filled. A Smart watch/fitness tracker. I like going for a run. I like recording my runs and looking at Continue reading “Watch Me Go”

The Last Post

It’s the last day of the year. The day before the first day of next year. It’s time for some resolutions to be set. I’ll try and be realistic. I’ll pay off what’s left on my credit card. It’s 0% interest and there’s not a lot on it, and no urgency to settle it, but I’d like to end the year completely debt free. Apart from the mortgage, of course. That’ll take a little bit longer. I’d also like to save up my overtime payments and have a new boiler put in. Or at least have the cash ready when the current one packs up. It’s Continue reading “The Last Post”

Photo of the Year

I have so far added 756 photos to my Flickr account in 2017. Some good, many so-so, a few that suck and a handful which I really like. There’s a few days left for more to go up, but I think I have a settled selection of the best of the year. It’s been a good year. We’ve been to Scotland, Spain and India. And within the UK we’ve been to stately homes and castles across the south/south east, punting in Cambridge and Ladies Day at Royal Ascot. It’s Continue reading “Photo of the Year”

Happy Holidays

Normally, I would wish everyone a Merry Christmas. However, there is a war on. I hadn’t noticed it myself. I’ve a sneaky feeling that it’s more to do with christians in the US exercising their right to feel persecuted. But nonetheless, war has been declared and one must pick sides Continue reading “Happy Holidays”


The last day of this little project. I began to lose steam halfway through. I’m all photo’d out. It’s the last day of my four day holiday and I’m not moving off the sofa. Here’s a snap of my TV. It’s nothing outrageously special, but it’s a 55 inch 4K screen with smart features like BBC iPlayer and Netflix built in. It suits us just fine. But I really want a smaller, more discreet cabinet.


London is a magical place to be at Christmas. To be honest, most cities in Europe and the Americas are magic at Christmas. Apparently, in the US, there’s a War on Christmas. If there is, then I suspect that the ones whining about it and the ones waging it. I suspect Jesus would agree with me. If he existed…