Well the elections seem to have passed off peacefully, although they werent electing a president as I had thought, just congress or something like that. Just as well as my next destination will be Palenque, in the state of Chiapas. An area which is I guess Mexicos equivalent of Northern Ireland! The main feature there to see are yet more ancient ruins, but these are deep in a mist shrouded jungle, which adds to the atmosphere! Anyway, thats to come later.

I am currently in Tulum, which is famous only for its huge white sand beaches, crystal blue waters and the many cabanas scattered along the sands. It has actually rained (a bit of an understatement….at times its been more of a tropical downpour!) a few times here, but the clouds usually quickly clear to reveal the clear blue sky. The rain has actually been a pleasant relief from the incessant heat, which has left me with the best suntan ever!

The only downside here are the many gap year students who have abandoned Cancun (don’t blame them!) for the tranquility this place offers. Nevermind, its still great. haven’t actually managed to peel myself off the beach yet to visit the Tulum ruins or cenotes, but am determined to do that tomorrow. Or the day after. Maybe. Soon anyway!Gotta make it at some stage, Im told they all make great photos!


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