San Cristobel de la Casas was definitely worth the detour, despite the nasty bus ride. But I had to bid farewell to the town and the two Frenchies on the 14th and am now in Villahermosa. This is an oil town a couple of hours from the Gulf coast and is really pretty uninspiring. Well, its crap actually.And hot and sweaty. But then Im only stopping here to break up my journey to Veracruz, which I have been assured by other travellers, is another great place to spend a few days. I did go to the Villahermosa zoo, but like the rest of the town, it was a disappointment. The only people who would be interested in that place are animal welfare campaigners. Not exactly a haven for the unfortunate animals trapped inside. Oh well. Veracruz (the Heroic city apparently), here I come….


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