Last Day In Creel

My days in Creel are now pretty much at an end, and I’m now just killing time till my bus departs. Yesterday was very much a day of rest, and a much needed one at that. Exercised my gob instead and had a good waffle to anyone who would listen, which can be done sitting down. So I was happy with that! Creel has been one of the nicest stays of Mexico so far, and that often has as much to do with who you meet as to where you are. Another bunch of friends made…..and then promptly left never to be seen again. Ce la vie.

I did manage to meet yet another cretinous British Uni student who confirmed my long standing belief that our education system is still churning out morons made to order. Why is it that students are taught to try to think for themselves, but exit their degree with a herd mentality, utterly unable to offer a self constructed opinion. Students from other countries can! There seems to be less diversity of thought amongst Uni students than in any other population segment in the UK. This one spent an hour trying to convince me that Afghanistan was part of the Soviet Union and that their break for freedom was linked to the Chechen struggle. And she did her thesis on that apparently so she should know! She utterly refuted my suggestion that actually the Afghans enjoyed independence until the Soviet invasion of ’79.

Dear God help her future employer. Still, I console myself with the knowledge that I at least am no longer conceited and am genuinely perfect! This is, by the way, my last full day in Mexico (unless something goes terribly wrong!), and tomorrow I will cross the border to El Paso to begin my trek to New York. I so hope I find a cheap flight and don´t have to spend 2 days on a bus!

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