Costa Rica

Destination Central America

Made it! In the end…. Not the most pleasant journey ever, not least because my flight was late into New York, which left me running for dear life to catch my connection to Miami, which in turn was in the air over Miami for an extra 90 minutes because a lighting storm shut the airport. I now also know just how sadly addicted to cigarettes I am. At Heathrow I gave away virtually an entire pack of smokes and my lighter to a Belgian tourist who asked if she could borrow one (she was pretty..!) and resolved to make the cig in my gob my last.

Once at New York I changed my mind and decided that not even the risk of missing my connection was reason enough not to run the length of the airport to the exit, pay an extortionate 10 dollars for a pack of Marlboro Lights and furiously drain two of the buggers before going in search of my Miami plane. It was easy enough to find. Just run towards the loudspeaker calling my name… Anyway, arrived at Juan Santamaria International in San Jose at about 7.30pm, found hostel as planned, then went in search of new hostels that weren’t fully booked! So Hotel Fortuna is now home! Have had a good nights sleep and now have a day to kill in San Jose before I trundle off to the coast tomorrow. There’s not a lot to say about San Jose really. Its not really a destination in itself, just somewhere you’d pass through. At least it’s sunny, hot and full of J-Lo look a likes!

And to add to the above (as I have now returned to the cool sanctuary of the Internet Cafe to continue todays post) I can confirm than there really is nothing to say about San Jose! I have walked every last inch of the downtown area and found nothing worth writing about (and yet here I am, writing plenty about all this nothingness…!) Not that this is any surprise. It is exactly as described in the Lonely Planet guidebook. I hope their chapters are just as accurate as far as the rest of the country is concerned – I will be having a great holiday if so!

Not that there is anything terribly wrong with San Jose. Its civilized, clean, friendly enough and has plenty for the locals to do entertainment wise. But, just like Guadalajara in Mexico last year, I just haven’t seen anything that has come even close to tempting me to get my camera out. I was even reduced to visiting the Museo del Jade, to view a huge selection of Mesoamerican jade jewellery, tools and other bits and bobs, some of which might just have been worthy of a quick snap or two if cameras were allowed inside!


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