Costa Rica


Have now left La Fortuna hotel and San Jose well and truly behind me. Having checked out of the hotel I took a cab journey to the bus station. I was going to walk it, but the woman at the front desk of the hotel looked a bit horrified and kept repeating “go taxi – mucho dangeruss” so I parted with a dollar for the fare to be on the safe side! Good thing too. The map I had suggested it was only only a 10 minute walk, but it turned out to be about that long by car.

Anyway, I was pretty pleased to find that Costa Rica�s coaches are pretty efficient as well as cheap (the most you can pay is about $9 for a cross country trip) and I even found myself a guide to help me find my ferry from Puntarenas to Pacquera, and to share a beer with while waiting for it, and who also happened to be pretty damn good looking! Shame she had to catch a different ferry.

Anyway, here I am in Montezuma, and it is as spectacular as I had hoped. The forest is green and filled with wildlife, the sun is warm, the sea shimmering and to top it off I have found a great hostel. It is on top of a hill over the town with fantastic views and is clean, with a few other backpackers for company. And all for $10 dollars, which includes breakfast! When I first arrived I was greeted by this deafening gutteral grunting which sounded very much like it was coming from some monstrous great gibbon, but turned out to be a troupe of howler monkeys warning off a bird of prey of some sort that was circling overhead.

There are also white faced monkeys which I am told make their way through the hostel once every day or so. Add in a few iguanas, plenty of geckos, pelicans, birds of all types, sloths and god knows what else. Plenty to look at and go hunting for. There are some great waterfalls around here too that I shall be off to find sooner or later, which have some great pools for swimming in, and can be jumped off. Although I might wait and see someone else do it first…. And best thing of all….no poxy dumb assed British Uni students here!


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