Yeah, Montezuma is going to be one of those places that’s hard to leave! I just handed over another 20 dollars for 2 nights more here, and that might not be the last time they see my cash coming their way! It has been a great weekend, with a good mix of company for entertainment. A trio of Canadians (one of whom came here 3 or 4 months ago and just hasn’t gotten around to leaving) were here when I arrived Thursday, and then 3 girls from the USA arrived with a cute Tica in tow, whose name should be easy to pronounce (Alejandra), but man I just can’t get it into my head to use an ‘H’ for the ‘J’s!

Anyways, Friday was spent swimming, going for a couple of walks, and a long stroll to one of the waterfalls. Its a great trek, basically involving a walk up river stepping on the numerous rocks sticking out of the water, sometimes along the steep banks at the foot of the surronding canyon, and more often than not using both hands to grab onto tree roots to climb across sections of the bank. The waterfall itself was pretty impressive, set amidst all consuming forest, a good 60 or 70 foot high, with a large, cool and very deep pool to swim in. On Saturday, pretty much everyone at the hostel went to the waterfall in the morning, but this time we went straight past the first waterfall and took a seriously hard trail up the face of the canyon using rocks and tree roots to help climb what was at times a vertical wall.

All worth it though, as at the top we found another huge cool pool high up in the canyon overlooking another waterfall, with another huge pool at the bottom. Stayed there all day in the end, to have the pool to ourselves as one by one everyone took off back to town, and got to see the sunsetting on the water, and watch the lizards and birds come back to life before I walked back with Ale. Who, along with all but two of the guests, went onto new places on Sunday morning. And I have since been dedicating myself to some serious hammock time! The view off the gazebo at the hostel really is fantastic and being so high up we get cooling sea breezes to turn down the temperature after a hard day’s lazing.


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