Creepy Crawlies

Oh man, this place is crawling with tarantulas and scorpions! I am so outta here tomorrow! I was going to leave today but I got otherwise preoccupied and didn’t get to sleep till 4am, and there was no way I was getting up at 7am to pack! I thought yesterdays meeting with the Red Knee was a bit of luck….yeah well, it turns out the forests are full of them and they come out at night to hunt. Along with the scorpions, two of whom took a wander across the kitchen floor of the hostel last night. Soon squished them (and they are pretty poisonous…not fatal, but a couple of days in hospital feeling pretty ill is a common result) and then was told by the hostel owner that we should always check in our shoes, sheets, packs etc for unwanted guests. Great – he could have told me that yesterday when I first arrived! Still, my transport is now booked to La Fortuna where I shall go and have a look at some clouds, and will them to bugger off and give me a view of the volcano…


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