Volcan Arenal

Volcanos rock! Had my first view of Volcan Arenal on the boat trip across the lake en route from Monteverde, and for the first time in about 5 months there wasn’t a cloud in the sky (so Im told) and I had a perfect view of it. It is an absolutely typical volcano with its perfect cone shape, and smoke billowing out the top, and it is definitely a cool view. I’m staying in La Fortuna at the base of it, and spent yesterday afternoon/evening on a tour through the forest to a couple of viewing points, the last of which we arrived at after dark and could see the lava rolling down the sides. This was such a huge amount of luck because everyone I have spoken too who had been here previously had seen nothing but thick cloud. After that, the tour took us to the Tabacon hot springs, which is a series of pools which source their water from the grounds surrounding the volcano, and they seriously are hot. But make for a relaxing evening. Today, went white water rafting down the San Carlos river through the forests which was again a serious amount of (expensive!) fun. And I now have seriously sun burned shins. So Im off to find my trusty After Sun lotion…

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