Back in San Jose

I’m back in San Jose after another marathon coach trip, and have found a cool place to stay. Hostel Pangea, $9 a night with free internet, coffee and breakfast and full of travellers to chat to. Didn’t do much on my first day other than keep a beanbag warm, and continued to do more of the sametoday until the evening when I went off to see Alejandra and friends in San Pedro, a rich little suburb of San Jose. Was pretty interesting to see how the better off half of the Josefinos live! It seems to me that homes there are so much less formal than in the UK and are just more chilled out in their layout.

It has to be said though, they have a better climate for the layout and kinda rustic feel of a house. Tiled floors and simple shuttered windows are great here but wouldn’t quite be so comfortable in the middle of a British winter. Anyways, tomorrow I think I am off to Volcan Poas, but it is dependant on what time I wake up in the morning! If not, I sense another day of relaxtion and Poas can wait till Monday. The new plan is to go on to Puerto Viejo near the Panamanian border, then onto Bocas del Toro (of which I have heard many great things) followed by a spell in the nearby highlands, where I’m told there is great fly fishing for trout.


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