Costa Rica


Well my plans went a bit awry, because having stayed overnight in David, I found out that to go to Manuel Antonio I had to go all the way to San Jose and then double back as there is no direct route! And can I be arsed to do that? I think not. Instead I have spent two nights in San Jose (had to watch the European Champions League Final, hence the extra night!) and today Im going to head off to Montezuma to chill out for my last long weekend before home time.

I have exactly one week left but I shall get back to San Jose on Tuesday morning to make sure I have no mishaps in getting to the airport for my Thursday flight. Not that there is an awful lot left to do in San Jose, but I get to see my Tica friend again before I go. Last night turned out to be a good one, and I experimented with Costa Rican casino life. In the UK all you get is free sarnies, maybe some tea or coffee. Here they bring you plates of hot food, cigarettes and any alcoholic drink you care to sample.

Course, I don’t really drink as such but they brought me a beer anyway, and next thing you know I had gone through 10 of the buggers, was really pissed, loud and kept screaming when I lost, with the occasional tumble off of my stool….. In the end I lost 50 dollars, but then found 3 dollars in loose change, got a few chips and won the lot back with interest. In the UK, this is where I stop. When Im pissed though, this is where I decide to start putting it all down in big columns on a handful of numbers, and my 50 dollars were separated from me once again. Such is life!


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