Costa Rica

Return to Montezuma

I have been in Montezuma for 3 days now and it is definitely my favourite spot in Costa Rica, and the place that will stay in my memory the longest. My Happy Place on planet Earth, without a doubt! It was a bit weird the first afternoon/evening I got here, as it was so different from the first time I stayed here. I had met some great people first time around and it was sunny, hot and almost cloudless. This time it was grey, rainy and quiet, and on the first day I went to the waterfall and found it was so swollen with rainwater, it had turned a muddy brown and was far too dangerous to swim in.

But things brightened up in the afternoon, more people came and its been nice ever since. Went back to the waterfall today as the water levels had drastically subsided after a couple of days without rain, and spent the afternoon there with some Quebecians and a German which made a pleasant change from the loud fat English mingers who had been in the hostel the day before. I was going to return to San Jose tomorrow afternoon, but now I`m thinking I might stay and go back very early on Tuesday morning instead! I did my good deed for the day today as well by the way, and rescued a young lass who had collapsed from the heat on the beach. This means I can do something bad tonight and my karma will be just fine…..I have a few ideas in mind, but seeing as alsorts read this…..


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