Xochimilco & Teotihuacan

Roughly 24 hours of transit at the hands of my least favourite airline, Iberia, and I am in Mexico City. The flight wasn’t so bad in the end, seeing as I slept a huge chunk of it and had my Archos media player to keep me company (just as well, Iberia are the first airline I have travelled with who don’t have video screens in the headrests for entertainment!).

Paola managed to get to the airport to collect me on time, and we spent the first day wandering the streets around the main centre of the city, El Zocalo. Brought back a few memories of my first visit here, as the hostel I stayed in is just off the Zocalo. We had a good wander through the Cathedral, a huge gothic building built on an underground river that is causing the church to sink and crack up. Restoration work is ongoing!

On Saturday I got to meet her family, and went to Xochimilco (pronounced Soch – i – milk – o) for the afternoon, for a few drinks and a chat. Limited on my part seeing as my conversational spanish is about zero! They were all very friendly though, and I seemed to get through the afternoon without upsetting anyone! After our tour of the canals, we went off to a cool restaurant outside of the city to experience some traditional Mexican cuisine. It would have been nice to get a few photos of the interior of the restaurant, but the lights went out in a thunderstorm, and you can’t really do flash photography very discreetly! The food was good, although I preferred one particular dish a lot more when I thought it was a vegetable – not so keen once I found out the clear, tough jelly like stuff was cow’s foot….

Sunday started with breakfast at Paola’s dad’s (very good it was too!) and a day trip to Teotihuacan. I had been there in 2003, but this is one of those places that you could visit a thousand times and still love it. It’s hard work though, climbing two of the world’s biggest pyramids is seriously straining stuff.

Another good restaurant in the afternoon, this time a more palatable shrimp soup on the menu! Sunday was also Mexican Cup Final day, with the bad boys of the country winning 5-2 or something like that.


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