Mexico City

Presidential Palace

Another leisurely day spent wandering the streets of Mexico City, seeing the sights, eating food, drinking coffee in cool coffee shops, and then eating more food. Finished off with a thoroughly un Mexican dinner of pizza.

We returned to El Zocalo, and went inside the Presidential Palace (free entry, so it was always going to be on the agenda sooner or later!) to view the murals of Diego Ribera which depict the life of the ancient civilisations here, and the Spanish conquest. There is distinct animosity by many Mexicans towards the Spanish, and the more I learn about the conquest the more obvious are the reasons why. The British Empire was largely founded on basis of trade, exploitation, development and colonialisation, whereas the Spanish built theirs purely on religious conversion, exploitation, and the destruction of the conquered cultures. Might explain why Brits don’t get as hard a time visiting their former colonies as the Spanish do!

The Palace is a pretty impressive structure anyway, with nice gardens in the centre that are a tranquil escape from the noise and hustle of the city. We wandered a little way from the Zocalo in the afternoon to see the Palacio de Bellas Artes, which is the national opera house, and the place to go to see ballet and art displays. Might pop along one day to see a show!

I have explained to Paola that had they been lucky enough to be in our empire, they would still be able to see many of their ancient treasures…….in the British Museum, London 🙂


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