Mexico City


I’ve been getting a bit confused with my dates, seeing as I’m now retired and don’t have to worry about time so much! I think the 30th and 31st entries were one day early, but nevermind.

On Tuesday Paola took me to Chapultepec, a really cool castle on a hill overlooking the city and engulfed in a swathe of green forest. We spent much of the afternoon there, viewing room after room of famous Mexican paintings and artifacts describing the country’s history. And in the evening her brother and his other half (whom I had thought was called Malaria for the first couple of days, but turned out to be called Valeria…) took us off to a local taco restaurant, a rather unassuming place that served up yet more great food, and is apparently well known by the natives for its high quality cuisine.

I have yet had a meal that wasn’t delicious, largely thanks to the fact I am visiting places that my guides have already checked out and given the thumbs up to! They keep worrying that the spiciness will be too much for me, but they haven’t ordered anything so hot as to be beyond my ability to consume so far….

Yesterday, the 1st June, we went off to find the place I will be doing my Teacher Training course. Its a fairly long subway ride, but is easy enough to get to, and is sat in a nice air conditioned mall. I have loads of books for the journey anyhow, and its only a two week course. I have paid my deposit and start Monday, and am quite looking forward to it.

Today is largely and tidy up/ relax/ do some shopping sort of a day, so its off to the super mercado to get some groceries.


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