Mexico City


Today we had a lazy wander around Coyoacan, a really nice tranquil part of the city full of churches, pleasant parks, restaurants and coffee shops, and home to two cool museums well worth a visit. The second of these, the Leon Trotsky museum, I had been to in 2003, so for photos click here. Journal date 20th July, and there are photos in the gallery. The first visit of the day though was to the Frida Kahlo museum, with many of her most famous works on show, and you can stroll through her house that is now a fully integrated part of the museum.

From Coyoacan, we went to Paola’s dad’s to be taken to see Mexican Wrestling. Its along the same lines as the British wrestling that we used to have but with a little more glamour and a lot more passion. It surpassed all expectations (admittedly low!) and turned out to be a really good evening out, one I will happily repeat. And as her dad, brother and nephew are all big fans, I dare say I will get plenty of opportunities! Paola’s family are all very friendly by the way, if a little puzzled by the concept of a Europeaner coming to live in Mexico City! Apparantly they were extremely doubtful that I would actually come despite Paola’s insistence that my ticket was booked. Seeing was believing for them!


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