El Bosque

Saturday is relaxation time, so we headed off to El Bosque , a few hours south east of the city, where the sun always shines and Mexicans take their weekend breaks. A latin Butlins is the closest thing we have in the UK, although this version is altogether more basic. But then they don’t need to have a mass of facilities for rainy days….they just don’t have rainy days! The scenery there was pretty inspiring, with huge rocky hills dominating the skylines, along with forests and endless fields of cactus – a staple ingrediant of the Mexican diet.

The resort itself consisted of a dozen or so little chalets, a couple of camping fields and three large swimming pools, complete with water flumes. The is also a hideously cold but very scenic river meandering right through the centre of the place. I did dive in, but quickly jumped out…..I have Acapulco to look forward to in just a couple of weeks, so I’m not going to freeze myself half to death when I will be able to bathe in warm Pacific waters!


The evening was cool though, with darkness bringing everyone out to build BBQ’s, sing and roast marshmallows round camp fires. We couldnt be arsed with too much effort, so we did out marshmallows on someone elses fire and drank beer on the porch. For dinner we went into town and ate at a decidedly upper class Argentine restaurant, where the food was absolutely the best ever! The beef on my Brocheta (shish kebab type thing) was perfect, and well beyond anything I have ever had served to me in the UK. And topped off with a generous amount of melted Roquefort with other sauces and salsas.

We left in the morning, stopping in town again for a wander through the Mercado (market) for breakfast and to look at the wares on offer.

Having got back, we were invited to the Sunday wrestling show, and off we went for another good evening!


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