Mexico City

Torre Mayor

Week one of my teacher training course is over, and so far so good. The centre is located in a mall, all fairly modern and easy to get to even though it takes a while. A 20 minute cab ride, followed by 35 to 40 minutes on the metro with a 10 minute walk at the end. Everything about the course is a little hap-hazard, as students that we are supposed to observe tend to turn up late or not at all! But I can’t grumble, as my time keeping has been far from perfect, and I’m getting to see enough to get the idea.


There is just one other person taking the course, a girl from Nevada USA, so it’s just the three of us (including the course director) in the classroom. I have also realised just how much I have forgotten regards grammar since I left school some 17 years ago! Still, I am picking enough of it up without having to really put too much effort in, so I’m still confident all will go well come exam time at the end of the course!

Yesterday I had to observe a couple of hours of Saturday classes, but got to do some touristy stuff with Paola afterwards. She collected me from the mall and we went to Torre Mayor, the tallest building in Latin America. The building has only just been completed (Torre Latinamericano was the tallest building last time I visited in 2003) and is owned by the richest man in Latin America. Story has it that when Mexico privatised the national businesses, he picked up the fledgling telecomms company for next to nothing as he was owed a favour…..!

Today has been a day of study and cleaning (a Mexican obsession!), although Paola’s dad came over in the evening to eat with his other half and youngest daughter. Who drew me a picture of a horse! How sweet….!


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