Last time I came to Mexico I raved on endlessly about how amazing their bus service was. Faultless was one word I used. Boy did we get unlucky this weekend though! Barely an hour out of Mexico City and we broke down and had to wait another hour for a second bus to collect us. Barely another hour down the road and that bus came to a grinding halt as well, which left us stranded in blazing heat at the roadside for more than 2 hours waiting for bus number 3! Made it to Acapulco in the end though, on the 18th, which was Paola’s birthday. I had bought her a little Nikon digital camera which she seems pleased with.

Acapulco is pretty cool; on the Sunday and Monday we went a half hour outside the centre to Pie de la Cuesta, which is a very laid back beach. Monday was better as the previous day we had unfortunately selected a restaurant with two pretty lousy waiters who wouldn’t leave us alone! Anyway, the food was good, the hotel was good and the weather was good…….am looking like a lobster of course, as is the norm when I meet hot sunshine!

I have also realised just how much weight I have put on. I have a gut, and I blame proper food! My digestive system is only used to crap, and it doesn’t know how to deal with sensible food. Im going back on my chocolate diet to slim down a bit asap!

The way back wasn’t quite as eventful as the journey there….we broke down just the once!


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