Work, Pollution and Dead Pizza Boy

I have got a job! In fact, I have already finished my first weeks’s work as an English Teacher – technically I am currently an illegal immigrant too, although I am working on getting my FM3 work visa. Not that I think it matters an awful lot anyway. There is little trouble that you can get into that you can’t buy your way out of….!

The job is easy enough and I have half filled my weekly schedule already. I need about 10 classes, each of two hours, to earn roughly 8000 pesos a month (its paid fortnightly in cash, no tax!), and I have six so far. I also have a few substitute positions to get me a few extra hours. But the bottom line is that I only have to work 20 hours a week to earn enough cash to be considered reasonably well off! Our monthly bills for electricity, gas and broadband all come in at less than 500 pesos, and you can buy a huge bag of vegetables that will last a week for less than 100 pesos. Add in a fortnightly trip to Wal-Mart with a 1000 peso spend for all of our luxury foods, and as you can see, we are laughing! I hope to save about 2000 pesos (about £110) each month, for holidays.

Otherwise, life in Mexico City is just fine. Sure, there is bad pollution (some days are fine with blue skies….other days the atmosphere turns a murky brown!), and there are plenty of road accidents – we saw a Pizza Hut boy lying pretty dead in the road the other day – not wearing a helmet. But there are far more pros than cons, and its all good fun!


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