We had a small earthquake today! All very exciting! I had gone to a coffee shop with Paola in the evening for a drink, having spent the afternoon eating in a Yucatan restaurant with her family, when it happened. It wasn’t that dramatic, and the city gets these minor tremors a few times a year. We were sat on a sofa when the earth just moved gently from side to side. You could distinctly feel it, and it went on for 10 to 20 seconds. The lights and loose hanging things stuck to the ceiling were swaying for a couple of minutes more.

Most Mexicans are pretty nervous about earthquakes after the 1985 disaster which killed anywhere between 10,000 and 30,000 people. I’m told there isn’t much to worry about unless you hear cracking noises. Paola and her family all survived the 1985 quake without injury, but she remembers it pretty well. Even today the scars are there to be seen – the huge parks around the Zocalo area weren’t always parks. They mark the spot were a good number of the 400 or so destroyed buildings stood.


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