Life is getting too damn busy! Two weeks since I last had the opportunity to update the website, and a backlog log of emails to match. So if I haven’t replied lately……

Paola hasn’t got a job yet, and I’m not sure who is going the crazier, her or me! I need some quality alone time with my PC!

Anyway, have been up to plenty over the last fortnight. A couple of weeks ago we spent a Sunday in a park outside the city, high up in the hills and forests. Last Saturday, the 19th I think, we went to the Nacional Auditorio and watched Cats, as the Broadway show paid a week long visit to Mexico City. And during the last week we went to the Anthropological Museum, which is one of the cities finest. I got some excellent photos there too (sit comfortably, there’s over 60 of them), along with a bunch of snaps of some dudes practising some ancient rope swinging ritual outside the museum. Four of them climbed to the top of a very tall pole, attached rope to themselves, and then slowly spun around and around until the rope was fully extended and they touched down on planet earth again.

Will have some photos up soon of the Zocalo, which has now been bedecked in national colours in preperation of Independance Day on September the 15th. I will get a week off while the country celebrates, and we are planning to go to Taxco (Tas-co), which is a gorgeous little colonial town between the city and Acapulco.


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