Day of the Dead

It’s Halloween, or here in Mexico its the Dias del Muerte – Day of the Dead. It’s one of the biggest celebrations in Mexico, with much of the population spending the night wandering around cemetaries where their relatives are buried. They go earlier in the day to place flowers on the graves, and at night they place water, special sweet bread and other favourite gastronomic treats on their tombs, just in case they pop back from the afterlife for a quick snack. Paola has been trying to convince me they really do come back, citing as proof the fact that in the morning the bread has no taste. The possibility that it’s gone dry and stale does not appear to have occured to most Mexicans….!

We didn’t go grave bopping though, instead choosing to go to the Zocalo in the evening where they have a large celebration, and a free concert by Lilly Someoneorother, a big star from Oaxaca (pronounced Wa-ha-ka) who now lives in the US. We had a meal in a restaurant which is on the top floor of one of the main buildings on the Zocalo, which gave us a nice view of everything. At a price!


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