IE7 – Opera killer?

I have been playing with the Beta 2 of IE7 for the last few days, and while it won’t have me changing my default browser away from Opera, it’s not bad! It’s interface is a lot tidier and more pleasing to the eye than Beta 1, and it now has some key features that brings it a good deal closer to Opera and Firefox on a techno front. It can of course accept customisable toolbars, which is one up on Opera. Live bookmarks being my addition of choice right now (Pluck).

I wouldn’t imagine it taking away any Opera users, but I could see it keeping current IE users happy enough to stick with them, and stem the flow of users deserting to FF and Opera. If it offers stability and security then it may even take a few peeps from FF, which has never been tops for advanced user experience in my opinion. Without the extensions it’s a very bare browser, actually behind IE7 on features. Start loading too many extensions, or the wrong combination, and I have always founf it to be buggy and likely to crash at any given moment.

So why should it be an Opera killer? Nah, it won’t be, I just couldn’t think of a better headline! I do think it puts a little pressure on the geeks in Scandinavia to up the ante and put some technological distance between then and the boys at Redmond.

I am hoping the rumoured Widgets in TP2 will be the answer!

Ask for working copy of IE7 Beta 2.


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