Crazy Mexicans

Mexicans are a funny old lot sometimes! A couple of weeks ago, the DF police caught the ‘Little Old Lady Killer’ at long last. They had been looking for HIM for about 8 years, had indeed covered the city with photofits of HIM, and then through sheer luck shortly after murder 20 something, they took HER into custody. To be fair, she was a former wrestler and pretty ugly…

Another thing that makes me laugh is the sight of several million people donning hats, scarves and gloves to get through this bitter winter….I’m just checking my temperature thingy now and can confirm it’s really cold. Hold on, no it actually says it’s currently 70 degrees outside at 10 o’clock at night! These guys have absolutley no idea what cold actually means! Ok, sometimes in the evening I put a light summer jacket on, but basically it’s T Shirt and shorts weather!

Crazy Mexicanos!


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