Mexican food is hot, tasty and generally wonderful! But what will I really long for once I am gone? It’s only recently that I decided there were a few things I will genuinely miss, that I won’t be able to get in the UK. Not the real deal anyway!

Cochinita, a pork dish, with ground meat in a spicy sauce, so that it looks like a very thick salsa. Very thick! Slap it in a tortilla, add onion and special chilli stuff and voila! Muy delicioso!


Cochinita Recipe

Another great food is served on weekend mornings (maybe just Sunday, I’m not sure!). It’s a lamb dish, cooked in a very traditional way. The lamb is wrapped in banana leaves with some water, and placed over a pot in the ground with a charcoal fire underneath everything. 


The first course is a soup, which is made from the water and juices that drips from the lamb into the pot underneath. Then the main event. The meat is so tender and so melt in the mouth. Wrapped in a taco with, surprise surprise – onions and chilli, you have the perfect late breakfast!

One other thing I have become addicted to….cups of corn! I’m sure it has a proper name, but it’s just freshly cooked sweetcorn in a polystyrene cup with chilli powder and lemon. Surprisingly tasty! Most Mexican add mayo and cheese but that’s a little too much for my taste buds!


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