Racism In Mexico

Mexico has a reputation for being devoid of any racism….and I have to report that in my experience it’s true! Yay, a happy racism story! It doesn’t exist!

In my nearly nine months here I have not once been the target of a racist comment, The worst I have encountered was in a local burger place where I ordered my meal, and left to get some milk. When I returned one table was discussing the merits of Americans in general, a conversation inspired by my earlier presence and the mistaken idea that I was from the US! But still, the chat stopped when I returned, I didn’t get any evil looks…..if that is the worst I will see, then I think it’s safe to say there is no problem!

Ok, so I am white and from a developed country, and to be honest most racism is directed at people from an ‘inferior’ background, be it social or economic. I once held an English class where I set up five groups of three instructed to plan a manifesto for the upcoming Presidential election.

One group did intend to deal with many of the city’s ills through an ethnic cleansing policy, whereby the corrupt, criminal and destitute were to be packed into the creaking, ancient peseros and driven to Guatemala! But it was said with humour rather than malice. I haven’t heard of any instance of genuine race hate so far. Maybe someone can correct me?

One last point….many Mexicans have a certain resentment to either (or sometimes both!) the US and Spain. The former for it’s immigration policy and treatment of illegals. The latter for it’s destruction of much of Mexico’s ancient civilisation and peoples. They did introduce smallpox and several other nasty tribe eradicating diseases. But it is a general resentment and not one they hold to any individual person.


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