Freedom of Speech

BBC News
The ironies of Europe’s confused laws determining what is freedom of speech – one week we have everyone defending irresponsible journalists for printing cartoons that you could guess would be offensive to Muslims, and that have the (now fulfilled) potential of causing death. Defended on the basis oh freedom of speech. Everyone pats themselves on the back, and we remind ourselves how wonderful it is to be truly free.

A couple of week’s later we have a man coming to trial, facing 10 years imprisonment for voicing a view different to the mainstream, 17 years ago, in an entirely academic arena. The guy is David Irving, his opinion – the Holocaust didn’t happen. He’s a fruit cake, we are all aware the Holocaust happened. Ignore him.

If he starts addressing Nazi rally’s and getting people out on the streets waving swaztikas, that’s a different matter. He becomes dangerous. Then lock him up, for inciting racial hatred. But leave people free to speak their mind, regardless of the stupidity of their views.



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