Grunting ISN’T a dead language!

Nine months in Mexico and my Spanish still really sucks!!! Why, you may ask?! Well, I have a few reasons I commonly hand out….!

I teach English – nobody wants me to speak Spanish!


I’m living in a new country, there’s just too much to be doing to be wasting time studying! 


Bless the internet! I can chat to my friends back home, and download the Simpsons in my native tongue!

But perhaps my favourite reason is this! I have done a fair bit of travelling over the last few years. Thailand, Malaysia, Egypt, Sri Lanka…this list goes on. And you can’t really learn every lanaguage of every country you go to! You learn how to get by. And over the years I have developed an effective system of grunts, gestures and pointing to get what I want, and make myself understood!

Sometimes it takes a fair bit of effort before the poor chap at the receiving end of my primitive communication skills truly grasps what I want. But I get there in the end. So to sum up – I don’t need to learn Spanish!

Ok, I admit it. I’m just really, really lazy. So much so that while the rest of you are evolving, I am actually devolving. Don’t let me breed – my children will probably swing from branches….


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