Food and Drink

Things to love about Mexico (Part2)

Instant food everywhere! Every street corner has someone selling something. Tacos obviously. Hotdogs with bacon that look low in health content, not much better as an appetite stimulant, sky high in grease but actually taste real good! Fruit is everywhere. Kebabs too. Want something sweet? Churros are everywhere – very similar to donuts really but stick shaped.

But my favourite instant meal has to be Elote! Or corn to you singlingual! (I just made that word up, and I’m pretty impressed with it! If its not in the Oxford dictionary then I’m going to have to nominate it!)

You have a choice…corn on the cob, skewered with a stick, or loose corn in a cup. Either way, you can have chilli powder, mayo, lemon and salt applied to suit your own taste, it costs just a few pesos (usually between 10 and 14 depending on your cup size etc) and it’s hot and delicious!

Street food in Mexico is fine, although you’ll always get much better tacos in a restaurant, but don’t be put off by the traditional scare mongering warning you not to eat anything prepared on a pavement! Then again, I have got a gut of iron that seems to poison and kill new poisons!



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