Definitive List Of Things I Miss From Home!

Last week I blogged a few thoughts as to what I miss from home. But now my mum is coming to visit for a couple of weeks, I have had to give serious thought as what I REALLY miss, and make a request list accordingly!

Aside from my Xbox and Homer Simpson slippers (there are no carpets in Mexican homes, and my tootsies can get a bit chilly of an evening!) I have compiled a comprehensive list of food items that you just can’t get here – unless someone can advise me of a good shop I haven’t yet found.

Marmite, Colmans English Mustard, Jaffa Cakes, Curry Powder, Custard Powder, Mincemeat Pies and Hot Mango Chutney!

Ahhh. my life will soon be complete once again once these culinary essentials have been safely delivered to my kitchen! And for those Mexican friends of mine who believe, and indeed insist, that an Englishman can’t handle their hot and spicy food – I shall offer them a good scoop of English mustard on a spoon, with emergency glass of iced water on hand along with a smug grin on my face….

PS I wouldn’t mind some wonderfully soft, luxury Andrex bog roll either, but I guess there have to be limits as to what one can ask for whilst retaining dignity!



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