Metro Advertising

Let’s face it, at least 99.999999% of all advertising is pretty awful. Some TV ads are quite good, and the odd radio ad raises a laugh. Large chested females on billboards showing off some bra company’s latest product isn’t entirely unwelcome…..

But otherwise, when you look around any city in the world (I assume!) walls, windows, buildings and basically any bit of vacant space is soon filled up with ugly, uninspired posters of varying size, marketing some piece of crap or other, and doing a good job of defacing the city concerned.

But today I actually found an ingenious new advertising method. On my way home on the metro (here in Mexico City) somewhere between Zocalo and Pino Suarez, whilst looking out of the window into the black nothingness that is the tunnel wall, I got hit by about 30 seconds worth of a shampoo advert.

Some bright spark has had the idea of putting a long series of posters lined up on the tunnel wall with the carriage windows, that work in a frame by frame animation sort of way. I’m not exactly going to pop out and buy the shampoo, not least because I can’t actually remember what brand it was, but I was impressed! Definitely potential there, and it defaces nothing to boot!

Mexico isn’t the first network to have this installed, although only a handful of MRT’s have been equipped, and I reckon if you haven’t already got this on your metro, you’ll be getting it real soon!


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