Mi Gober Precioso

Political scandal in Mexico! Hmmm, I hear you say – that’s not exactly a new phenomenon! Well, no. Mexico does have a reputation, like most Latin American countries, of corruption at the top of every sizeable organisation. Especially government, regional and federal.

But this one is a bit special. A freelance journalist published a book late last year detailing a peadophile ring in Cancun, naming names and has since incurred their wrath. Which proved more than just vocal. She was arrested without charge, driven to Puebla and slung in jail – things looked bleak! But an outcry from civil liberties and human rights groups got her bail.

The good part came last month. The mayor of Puebla, a colonial town just south of Mexico City, was caught out when his telephone conversation with Kamel Nacif, one of the main chaps involved in the child sex scandal, was recorded. Both implicated themselves in various ways, chatting about how the journalist’s arrest was arranged and her prison suite specially fitted with nutcases and lesbians.

But the priceless part of the recording – the pure unadultarated ass-licking of Kamir to the mayor. “Oh you’re the hero of this story! My precious governor! I have some of the finest cognac waiting for you, my precious governer!” Only the beginning of the bribes methinks!

Ironically, the mayor’s big election push centred on his promise to look after the city’s kids! There has been uproar of course, and much mickey taking of the mayor, with cartoons of the cognac and mayor et al. The biggest joke now is to say “Oooooh mi precioso!” when teasing friends for being either ass-lickers or bossy.

Not that the mayor has resigned of course, despite the mass street demos and publicity and his own admission that it is indeed him in the phone call. No no no! Experts have declared the tapes genuine and undoctored, but he is clinging to his story that the tapes have in fact been altered!


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