I hate to disappoint you, but…..

A true story. In 2003 I toured Mexico as a backpacker, with Mexico City as my first stop. I met up with 3 Aussies who all wanted to go and see a bull fight in the city’s famous bull ring, the world’s largest. Unfortunately, it’s not near a metro, and with the microbuses being terribly complicated to get around on for a mere tourist, we were left with a long walk.

So off we set, stopping about half a dozen Mexican passers by on the way to ask for directions. Mexicans are ever so helpful and friendly, and as well as directions we were warmly told just how fantastic the bull fights are.

“You’re in for a treat today, the atmosphere is amazing”; “Have fun and enjoy the contests, the matadors are the best in the world”; “Have you ever been to a bull fight? You’re really going to enjoy it!”

That’s the sort of stuff we were hearing from each and everyone of them. Most of them chatted for at least a couple of minutes. But the only thing none of them mentioned was “Sorry buddy, but the bull fighting season ended months ago, and doesn’t start again for another few months….” We found that out when we found the bull ring.

Mexicans hate to disappoint anybody. They will always help, and it makes no difference if they don’t know how! Ask a Mexican for directions and even if they have absolutely no idea, they will still take a wild guess, and tell you where to go with the supreme confidence of a person who has made that journey every day. Smiling and waving as they watch you set off….!


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