Musical Mexicans

Yay, I have 5 tickets for me and P’s family to go see Depeche Mode at Foro Sol stadium and a pair for Jamie Cullum at the Teatro Metropolitan for me and P. Mexico is a hidden treasure of arts and culture, but until the early 90’s when Rod Stewart performed in Mexico City, western rock, pop and roll was much more underground. These days everyone of note comes to Mexico – we’ve just had the Rolling Stones, Robbie Williams (massive here!) and U2 in the last few months. Mexicans are mad about music.

As well as their own very popular pop scene, they have the ubiquitos Mariachis everywhere, and it’s almost impossible to spot an under 30 on public transport without earphones in. You’ll regularly hear people spontaneously burst into song, and a party (or funeral for that matter) isn’t complete until the attending persons have spent an hour or two singing.They also buy a lot of music – there are stalls everywhere, always with crowds of people browsing. Of course the stalls are never selling legit stuff. 10 pesos buys you a copied CD, 30 to 50 pesos for a music DVD. It’s often harder to find a genuine store than it is a market seller flogging fakes….they are everywhere! Along with video games, movies etc.

I have to say I don’t have much sympathy with music labels and their fight against piracy. Music will always exist, and those who can make decent stuff will always earn enough to live on by performing and selling merchandise. The only people at risk are the labels themselves. Movies are possibly a different matter though…By the way, for any Depeche Mode fans reading, Mexico City apparantly has their largest fan base in the world. They are Gods here, along with othr Brit 80’s and 90’s icons such as Duran Duran, Simply Red, Status Quo, Queen, David Bowie, Elton John and especially (though not 80’s!) the Beatles. They have a superb Beatles tribute band that are well worth the 100 peso ticket cost! Sometimes, listening to radio stations, it can be like stepping back in time!


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