Two Weeks In Mexico

Ever thought of a trip to Mexico? Please think twice before booking to Cancun….what a hell hole! To think of all those teeming crowds packed onto a small strip of sand when there are deserted beaches just a few of hours down the coast…

But why not Mexico City? Too many people get put off by exaggerated reports of crime, pollution and corruption. There is plenty of crime, but avoid walking around in the middle of the night, pissed out of your head, jingling like Santa Claus on Christmas Eve and looking totally lost…well, you immediately reduce your chances of getting robbed by about 99%! Just take the same precautions you would in any country.

The pollution is pretty chronic to be honest, but you’ll only be here a couple of weeks! It’s not that bad that you’ll keel over after 5 minutes with arteries full of CO2 and taco fumes! I’ve lasted 10 months, and my asthmatic mum made it through two weeks safely….

The corruption can be a plus. Do something naughty and you’re only 10 bucks from finding a way to avoid arrest! But maybe don’t do anything naughty. And definitely don’t allow a copper to see a wad of notes. If he does, the cost of the bribe just went up to….well, just how much did he see?

As for an itinery? Here’s what my mum got through –

Monday – Arrive at 9pm and late night meal on the balcony of the Holiday Inn overlooking the Zocalo.

Tuesday – Wander through the Historic Colonial Centre of the city and tour the National Palace, Aztec ruins and the Cathedral.

Wednesday – Day in Coyoacan browsing the markets, architecture and Frida Kahlo museum, with evening watching the Mexican Ballet at Bellas Artes.

Thursday – A trip to Taxco, two hours outside of the city. Stay overnight.

Friday – Travel for about 7 hours to Playa Ventura for some sun, sand and Pacific sea.

Saturday, Sunday, Monday – Playa Ventura

Tuesday – Return back to the city.

Wednesday – A visit to one of Xochimilco’s flower markets, with a seat at Chapultepec Lake to see Swan Lake performed like you’ve never seen it before!

Thursday – Teotihuacan, the City of the Gods built by the Aztecs many yonks ago.

Friday – A long wander up the famous La Reforma and a visit to the Anthropological Museum.

Saturday – A last chance to shop around the Zocalo before a hard drinking session aboard a gondola on a Xochimilco canal, with Mariachis supplying the music.

Sunday – A speciality of Mexico for breakfast, the Barbacoa – a lamb soup and taco delight. Followed by plenty of walking through Chapultepec Park, and a visit to the glorious Castle.

Monday – Hometime….

And there was more besides. Come to Mexico City – you won’t be disappointed!


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