Immigration Protest in USA

Biggest news in Mexico at the moment (apart from a 21 year old who murdered 2 kids and tried to kill his girlfriend, whom he is blaming for the murders incidentally, and who appears to be having his trial on TV each night through interviews with all concerned, including himself through the bars of his cell… – hell, this is another story!) are the mass protests across the US by the country’s illegal immigrants.

As I understand it, they are protesting against a proposed law which will make being an illegal immigrant a criminal offense. They would also kinda like some Green Cards too, please! There have also been anti-immigrant protests.

Well I can see both sides of the story. Both have a good stack of evidence to support their case etc. But the latino immigration story is a long one, and the Americans are probably going to have to accept it is a reality and won’t be going away.

One thing struck me though. People burning other nations’s flags is an act associated with extremism and bigotted, small minded individuals. Some Americans get ever so upset when the Stars and Stripes is burned in public around the world.

Yet those same type of Americans were out and about yesterday burning Mexican flags. So can I safely add ‘hypocritcal’ to the description of ‘flag burners’ I just gave?

Another odd thing. When an American flag is burnt, have you noticed how much TV time it gets as each stripe goes up in flames? The number of photos in the next day’s papers? Regardless of how minor the incident with regards the whole story?

Well, the Mexican flags burnt yesterday have been on TV here and in the papers. Yet I cannot find any of the same images in any of the main US online news providers, nor on English language searches through Google….

Maybe I’ve just typed the wrong keywords, or maybe it just wasn’t interesting enough for the US public (even though huge numbers of them, both legal and illegal, are Latino), or maybe the US press agencies are continuing to live up to their reputation for reporting their agendas and not the news….

Take your pick.


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