One of the little things you get used to in Mexico City are the tremors that rock the city every now and then. It’s hard to describe the feeling of a quake (I should use the word tremor more than the dramatic earthquake word!)- having someone rock your chair just doesn’t do it!

We had a small one last night that lasted just a couple of seconds. Often you only notice them if you are sitting down. About 6 months ago, we had a more substantial shaker. Went on for a minute or so in two bursts, shaking all the lights and hanging things – the first thing you look for if you feel something.

It was quite eerie, not least because it was the first one I had noticed. You don’t just feel the sofa rocking, but the gound beneath your feet. We haven’t had too big a quake here since the ‘Big One’ of 1985, but I have learned the danger signs. First sound of cracking walls – get the hell out! Otherwise sit put!

The sirens are a good help, confirming that the shaking was indeed a quake about 5 minutes after the fact! So anyway, if ever you hear of a big quake in Mexico City, and I don’t post again, you know what happened!


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