Semana Santa

It’s Easter, called Semana Santa in Mexico (and I guess the rest of the Spanish speaking Catholic world). Another crazy fiesta filled time of year. The City has emptied as much of the population heads to Acapulco, Cancun if they can afford it, or some other retreat from the smoke.

But those who are left have gathered with family, or are at church do’s. Which are particularly bizarre for this self confessed heathen. Grown men dress up as Roman soldiers and other characters from the crucifiction (firm believer here that ‘fiction’ is the key word for most bible stories!) and enact the whole scene for throngs of believers in the streets around the church.

The guy who plays Christ apparantly spends 6 months to a year preparing for this short play, absteining from sex and drink. First thought that came to my head on hearing this was ‘Jesus….’, but in a blasphemous exclamational sense, rather than as a noun.

Still, whatever makes people happy! I’m quite convinced though that if the world enters a nuclear apocolypse sometime soon, sending us back to our caves as civilisation starts again, then these people’s descendants could quite possibly, in another 2,000 years time, be still carrying out the scene from the ‘bible’ that has been patched together from whatever documents were left intact.

McVeighists will re-enact the ‘crucifiction on the guerney cross’ of dear old Timothy, who died so that we might live and be free of the Satanic Federalists. Across the other side of the world, Binladenists will become enraged at blasphemous cartoons showing Man of Peace Osama flying planes into buildings, and there will be weird cults such as the Bushism compound in Waco, whose believers pray to the mysterious god known only as Noocular….

Let’s not forget the Indian sub continent religion, where families gather to give thanks and praise Gandhi, the radioactive 9 legged giraffe.


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