Cruz Azul v America

The big Mexico City derby between Cruz Azul and Club Americas, the richest club in Mexico who play their home games at the world famous Estadio Azteca (Azteca Stadium if you need the translation….).

Today’s game was played at Cruz Azul’s ground Estadio Azul, but home advantage didn’t matter. Azul sneaked a 1-0 lead just before the end of a tight first half thanks to M.Sabah’s header just before the break, but they were rarely in contention during the second half. No grumbles about the final score, it summed up a lousy second half performance.

I didn’t manage to get tickets – this is similar to an Arsenal v Tottenham game and seats go fast. Just as well really. Finishing top of the league was a slim prospect before this defeat. All the dream’s are gone now. Still, Mexican football is more complicated than that. You really just need to finish in the top 8 to go into the knock out stages…..strange stuff.

I found out last week that football was brought to Mexico by the English. The country’s first club was Pachuca – still going strong and currently second in the league. They were set up by Englishmen who had come to Mexico to mine stuff. Not quite sure what…


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