Montezuma´s Revenge

After so many years of incident free travel, with barely a mistimed bottom burp to boast of, I have finally come a cropper.

Montezuma’s revenge is a bug that gives 40% or more of travellers to Mexico a few days of gut trouble, symptoms being nausea, tiredness, fever, stomach cramps and of course….constant desperate rushes to the toilet. Never pleasant.

The bug is a natural presence in Mexican food and water, one that natives have immunity from. But us poor foreigners…..there’s no escaping it. Sooner or later it gets you. It got me thanks almost certainly to a hot dog I bought at a street stall. So basically I broke rule number one, and am paying the price for it.

Jeez, I’d always been so proud of my cast iron gut and it’s ability to kill the most poisonous of poisonoue food bugs, but this time Mr Bacteria obviously came with plenty of reinforcements and won this round. Bastard….

I won’t be eating street food for a while anyway!


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